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Referrals & Recommendations

Car Trek (The Karaoke Cab) works very hard to provide the best possible experience to all of our wonderful customers. However, no matter how hard we try, there are always going to be times when there are too many customers and only one Car Trek! 

If we don't immediately answer the phone, try sending a text and we'll get back to you within a few minutes between karaoke songs or customers. This gives us your phone number, along with your particular needs, so we can efficiently prioritize and take care of you and our other customers. 

Sometimes, we may be out of town, booked with a tour group or we cannot accomodate you. If Car Trek is unable to service your particular needs, the recommendations below are all companies that we feel comfortable will provide you reliable transportation. All we ask is that if you book something with any of these great companies that you say a quick...

"Hello from 'Malachy' at Car Trek - The Karaoke Cab"...

... just so they know where the recommendation came from.

Maybe they'll return the favor and we'll be able to help them out when THEY get busy.
Friday evenings and all day Saturdays are our busiest times and fill VERY quickly.
Book early! 

Tours / Parties /
Events By The Hour

A Paradise Shuttle & Tours
A Paradise Shuttle & Tours can accomodate groups between 2 and 14 passengers. You can join a scheduled wine or brewery tour group for as little as $39.99/person. They also offer a wine tour and sailboat combination package.

231-409-2137 Visit Website
Traverse City Wine & Beer Tours
Traverse City Wine & Beer Tours has more than 10 different kinds of vehicles to meet your needs. Large groups of up to 28 people can take a 4 hour tour for a very reasonable $899.  For the more adventurous, an open top, doorless Jeep is available. 

231-499-2656 Visit Website
Grand Traverse Tours
Grand Traverse Tours may not have Karaoke. However, they are, arguably, the most comfortable limousines in the area with their amazing mood lighting along with all leather seating and trim.  These vehicles are all genuine works of art, creating incredible memories for up to 14 people.

231-947-7433 Visit Website
Blue Lakes By The Bay Transportation
Blue Lakes By The Bay is perfect if you have to move a large amount of people such as a wedding party or family reunion. They currently have the largest fleet of vehicles in the area and can move over 400 PEOPLE at once in vehicles having up to 56 seats, DVD and movie screens, phone charging stations and much more.

231-932-1065 Visit Website

Point to Point Trips

About Time Transportation
About Time Transportation works with insurance companies in providing medical transportation services around Mount Pleasant and Traverse City.  They also offer competitive rates between popular destinations in the area.
231-660-3514 Visit Website
Cherry Capital Cab
Cherry Capital Cab is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for local transportation between airport, hotels, restaurants and bars. Their mobile phone app also lets you book a cab directly without ever needing to talk to anyone. 

231-941-TAXI Visit Website
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