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Welcome to the Car Trek - Karaoke Cab video playlist. To navigate between videos either use the skip forward and back buttons at the lower left corner of this window or click the triple bar at the top left and directly select a video of your choice. There are some favorite performances from customers in addition to a few special videos. Video 1 showcases the features and history of Car Trek. Video 5 shows some of our favorite vineyards on our typical wine tours. Videos 22-28 are from our appearance on the 9&10 Michigan Morning Show on 5/31/16. Video 30 is our new TV and internet spot. Videos 35 and 38 have Malachy, the owner of Car Trek, joining the fun and singing a little karaoke too.  Video 54 is the appearance of Car Trek on the 7&4 morning show on  05/30/17. Enjoy!

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